Aliens: Colonial Marines Xenomorph Raven Previews Exclusive 1/18 Scale Figure

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  • Category: Toys
  • Retail: $39.99
  • Release: 2018-08-29
From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS exclusive! From the popular video game Aliens: Colonial Marines comes this impressive figure of a Xenomorph Raven. The Raven resembles an ordinary bipedal Xenomorph, but larger, almost entirely encased in a bullet-proof, chitin carapace, and only walks with its large hind legs like a Queen. Its tail has a distinct ridge of spines at the base of its harpoon-like blade. This fully articulated Raven figure measures about 9" tall with a 6" tail and comes with an extendable tounge and exchangeable hands, as well as a stand to display the Raven in your collection.

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