Alcoholic Tenth Anniversary Expanded Edition TPB

  • Publisher: Dark Horse
  • Category: Graphic Novels
  • Retail: $19.99
  • Release: 2018-09-12
This awkward and agonizing tale of a boozed-up, coked-out, sexually confused, and hopelessly romantic author explores the life of a failing writer who's coming off a doomed romance and searching for hope. Unfortunately, the first place his search takes him is the bottom of a bottle as he careens from one off-kilter encounter to another in search of himself in this hilarious yet heartbreaking graphic novel debut by Jonathan Ames. Ames is the creator of HBO's Bored to Death , Starz's Blunt Talk and the critically acclaimed writer of Wake Up, Sir! , The Extra Man , What's Not to Love?, and You Were Never Really Here, now a film starring Joaquin Phoenix. * Featuring gritty, yet poignant artwork by Emmy Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel ( The Quitter, The Red Hook). * Features a new prose piece by Jonathan Ames expanding on the story material, as well as a special behind-the-scenes artist section! * For mature readers.

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