$3.00 Kids Grab Bag Graphic Novel

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  • Category: Graphic Novels
  • Retail: $3.00
  • Release: 2000-02-11
Grab bags are the best way to buy lots of comic goodness at a really low price! We have a massive inventory of all-ages graphic novels, trade paperbacks and digests, but not enough time to catalog and put them all up online. So we're marking them way down and offering them to you as a mystery grab bag. Each all-ages graphic novel is just $3.00 apiece. Plus we guarantee that there will be no duplicates when ordering up to 5 of them. When ordering Grab Bag graphic novels we cannot take requests for specific titles or series. Besides, half the fun is the mystery of what you're going to get! These books are warehouse finds, and may have minor dings, scratches, etc. They may also be stickered or have minor markings for identification. Sorry, no returns on grab bag items. You are currently on the Kids Grab Bag product page and any graphic novels you add to your cart from this page will be all-age books great for the entire family.

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