100 Bullets TPB Vol. 05: The Counterfifth Detective

  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Category: Graphic Novels
  • Retail: $14.99
  • Release: 2006-12-13
He's got a case, but not a face. Private dick Milo Garret is used to picking fights and winning them. Even so, he lost his last big argument - the one with his windshield. After the docs made a new quilt out of his mug, a certain Agent Graves brought him a little pick-me-up: 100 untraceable bullets and a matching gun, along with a complete tale of premeditated auto sabotage. It was a tidy package - a little too tidy for Milo. His nose may be busted, but he can still smell a rat. And the more he sniffs around, the worse things are beginning to stink. But as good a detective as he is, Milo can't imagine how big the sewer he's about to walk into is - or how far he has to fall. Nominated for a 2004 Eisner: Best Continuing Series!

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